Online shopping festivals promote growth

05/02/2021 - 04:04
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Promotion campaigns of e-commerce floors require increased speed, quality of delivery, and better customer experience.

Positive prospects for the logistics industry

The report “Logistics and e-commerce” made by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2018 noted that the capacity of logistics enterprises is improving through technology applications.

The World Bank’s Report on Logistics Capacity Index (LPI) 2018 shows that Vietnam ranked 39 out of 160 countries in the survey, up 25 places from 64 in 2016. Vietnam ranks first. in emerging markets and ranked highest in the group of low middle income countries. All the indicators increased dramatically, of which the highest increase was service quality capacity and ability to track and trace goods.

With e-commerce floors racing to organize promotional campaigns, the volume of goods traded through online channels increases rapidly, causing the demand for logistics services for e-commerce to increase, in fact is exceeding the capacity. response.

Efforts to improve the process of handling and distributing goods of e-commerce enterprises play a key role in promoting logistics development in Vietnam, especially in the end-to-end delivery segment. use.

Nhân viên Lazada Express kiểm tra hàng trước khi xuất kho.

Lazada Express staff check the goods before leaving the warehouse.

Technology initiatives from businesses

For example, in early October, Lazada announced a series of logistics promotion solutions to better serve users during the 11/11 and 12/12 shopping festivals. Accordingly, on the occasion of opening the sale of Apple’s latest iPhone series at 0:00 on November 1, more than 1 am of the same day, Mr. James Dong – General Director of Lazada Vietnam personally delivered the first iPhone order to promote for 2-hour express delivery at night. The business also introduces a 4-hour delivery service, applicable to bulky products up to 15 kg.

Ông James Dong - CEO Lazada Việt Nam đi giao iPhone lúc 1h sáng. Ảnh: Quân Vũ.

Mr. James Dong – CEO of Lazada Vietnam delivered iPhone at 1am. Photo: Quan Vu.

Enterprises also apply technological innovations in the goods handling process. The automatic sorting system relies on the information encoded in barcodes on the bill of lading to deliver goods to the correct customer area. On each bill of lading, there will be a bar code representing the destination information, the system will automatically read and control the sorting robot.

Not only reading destination information to control the robot, the system is also capable of weighing and measuring each package, storing it on the system as a basis for calculating shipping charges. Currently, Lazada has two automatic goods sorting centers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi with a capacity of tens of thousands of orders per hour. In terms of delivery, the unit also applies the most advanced technology to help buyers view order status in real time.

Ứng dụng công nghệ đảm bảo theo dõi hàng hóa theo thời gian thực.

Application of technology ensures real-time goods tracking.

In addition to the normal method of receiving goods at home or office, in this 11.11 shopping festival, Lazada also introduces the first “pickup point” service that appears in Vietnam, deployed in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha. Cabinet. Buyers can pick up goods at one of more than 300 collection points in the partner network, including 24/7 convenience stores such as Circle K, milk tea shops, clothing stores or network pharmacies. PostCo.

Pursuing the trend of Internet technology connecting things (IoT), iLogic Vietnam cooperates to deploy a system of automatic pick-up points through “smart locker” (smart locker). Buyers on Lazada can proactively pick up goods anytime and completely automatically after placing an order, just scan the QR code received by email or enter the phone number and OTP code to unlock the locker. There are 11 lockers in Ho Chi Minh City and 7 lockers in Hanoi, located in shopping centers, apartments and universities.

“Shopping festivals are a ‘test’ for the operating system and help Lazada continuously innovate to keep up with the rapidly growing shopping demand in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We make a big investment in lowering the prices.” e-logistics layer because this is the ‘backbone’ for e-commerce. In addition, businesses also accompany a number of domestic and foreign logistics units to speed up logistics development “, Mr. James Dong – CEO of Lazada Viet South and Thailand said.

Entering Vietnam market in 2012, Lazada expects only 500 orders a day. Currently, the unit can process over 500 orders per minute.

Dàn xe đạp điện của Lazada Express.

Lazada Express electric bicycles with large cargo boxes help reduce emissions, increase transportation efficiency. Photo: Quan Vu ..

According to experts, there are still many factors affecting the distribution of goods across the country. The transport infrastructure system is still weak, leading to slow traffic speed, especially between HCMC, Hanoi and inter-province. Some opinions suggest that banning small trucks into the city center also makes it difficult for the delivery units to operate.

Meanwhile, overnight transportation slows down time and increases operating costs. The situation of depending on motorbikes for transporting goods in the inner city also exists inadequate because it is ineffective, does not contain large volumes of goods, contributes to traffic congestion and environmental pollution. Lazada has also put into operation electric bicycles with large cargo capacity and to contribute to reducing emissions and increasing transportation efficiency in the inner city.

Technological initiatives from strong domestic and foreign enterprises are expected to contribute to solving market constraints, optimizing processing, sorting and delivery processes in the e-commerce sector and Accordingly, promoting the development of logistics market for e-commerce in Vietnam.

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