Other value-added services

There are three main areas we can look for to add value to our products:

1 – E-commerce warehouse and shipping insurance – rest assured we have a comprehensive insurance policy for your cargo to ensure you are insured under all circumstances. Don’t expect to receive reasonable compensation for your e-commerce logistics logistics from traditional warehouses or couriers when something goes wrong.

2 – After-sales service – Get smarter with customer care and closely link with logistics services. Include:

Help your customers experience better by keeping customers informed regularly and in real time.
Increase your work efficiency by using reliable and qualified suppliers.
Partner with us whenever you need it, whether you are having problems with your business or your business system is down.
Let us become a representative in your customer care, with our expertise, we will help you to deal directly with the customer. About their problems.
With flexible rates, you only pay for the service you use.
Get quick refunds, replacement and shipping changes by partnering with us as your outsourced logistics unit, so you’ll still keep your branding.
We may use your existing assistive technology (e.g. Zendesk) to provide transparent and prompt responses to customer requests.

3 – Tariffs and Tax Calculator – We can help you use your orders to calculate the taxes you will need to pay to ship your item to any country in the world. This makes the final cost clearer for your customer, as you can either reduce the cost or transfer the cost into the total cost for the billing customer. That means you don’t need to charge two separate amounts and make the transaction smoother.